Our Solution


Knowledge Management


The Content Problem

Effective knowledge management depends on the smooth transmission of information across the organisation. But information is messy and without rigorous management it can block the smooth flow of knowledge. Left on its own, content soon reverts to disorder, creating a blockage.

And technical content is worse because it’s always complex and it’s always changing.

Most organisations focus on solving information capture. Confluence wiki, SharePoint, CMS, static websites - all these applications make it easy to create new content and additional technical content debt.

But this simply kicks the content can down the road:

  • the more content you create, the more content you have to maintain
  • the more content you store, the greater the tendency to dis-organisation


What we do

The solution is neither tools nor technology, but an understanding of how to make your content work for you.

To help you manage the chaos of content we follow a simple three phase plan:

  • Discovery (Phase 1) – Consultation and content audit
  • Execution (Phase 2) – Content organisation, standardisation and process evolution
  • Curation (Phase 3) – Regular content maintenance

This allows us to deliver a service tailor-made for you and your business.


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