Benefits of Curation

Businesses lose around 20% of the working day looking for information. That figure grows as the volume and density of content increases.

Our content curation strategy solves the content problem by focusing on the crunch-points, releasing the flow of information where it’s constricted, and delivering on these key benefits:

Information Discovery

Increased information discovery through

  • hierarchical and logical navigation structures
  • multiple navigation channels using texonomies
  • the elimination of content silos
  • increased relevancy of search results


The cost-benefits of a curated content service include:

  • time saving through improved information discovery
  • cheaper than either permanent or contract resources after 6 months (see our cost comparison chart ).


Organised and managed content boosts the communication of information for

  • clients and customers, who need clear, current content to understand and use your products.
  • partner and external services, bringing them quickly up to speed
  • new starters onboarding


At the core of curation is the editorial oversight of all technical content to monitor the publishing basics (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and ensures consistency in:

  • style
  • presentation
  • terminology
  • naming conventions

Standards are further promoted through the consistent application of metadata and taxonomies where appropriate.


Finally, a professional content curation service ensures that information is -

  • ready to scale: well organised information will grow smoothly as you scale
  • new product ready: content for new products and services will easily align with existing information
  • partner ready: bring consultants, contractors, and partners up to speed quickly with concise, current information
  • audit ready: organised and structured information will demonstrate that your organisation is in control of its processes