Cost Comparison

The charts and table below considers costs associated with both permanent and contract resources, and our content curation service over typical budgetary periods.

The comparisons include total costs of recruitment and resourcing as against our professional, variable-cost service.

Annual costs comparison over 2 years

Yearly Cost Comparison

Daily rate costs comparison over 1 year

Day Rate Comparison

Indicative deliverables over 12 months

Deliverables Comparison

Note that:

  • Both costs and deliverables are indicative only, and we’ve made several assumptions to try to measure like-against-like.
  • Our intention is not to suggest that traditional technical writers are expensive because they merely add to your technical content debt, but to illustrate that if you are not managing your current technical content debt, any additional content will compound your debt problem.
  • Technical writers are professionals with specialised and hybrid skills who offer excellent value when those skills are applied to the creation and maintenance of content in a managed content environment.