Technical Content Curation

Information is messy and piles up like old newspapers in a hoarder’s house, clogging the smooth flow of knowledge.

And technical content is worse because it’s always complex, and it’s always changing.

Content curation ensures that the information you have stored in content is

  • current
  • relevant
  • discoverable
  • revisable

Minimum Viable Technical Content (MVTC).

After we clean up your content tree, we will support you in maintaining and enhancing the corpus as your products and services grow.

Benefits of content curation

  • Costs - cheaper than a permanent or contract resource after 6 months
  • Quality - editorial oversight and monitoring for consistency and
  • Communications - keep knowledge flowing from those who have it to those who need it
  • Agility - ready to scale, ready to onboard, ready for audit
  • Discovery - surface your key information so you know where to find it when you need it

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